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A Visualization of Motion Over Time

Recently I’ve been really fascinated by the idea of making something intangible have substance in the physical world. Although this may seem rather ambiguous, this visualization by Odaibe, a Polish designer/artist, is a good example of this idea.   The bodily movements of a drummer is a performance in itself. “Portrait of the Ghost Drummer” […]

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China’s Streets Meet SimCity Style.

China’s own search engine, Baidu.com, has done what avid gamers have been doing in SimCity has been doing for two decades now; rendering entire cities in 3/4 perspective. I remembered all of the countless hours I spent as a wee-lad trying to piece together my own thriving cities in SimCity and the sight of this […]

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Voice-controlled interactive installation

So I thought this was pretty cool. It’s an art installation that invites people to interact with it by using their voices and a microphone to control the noises and movements it creates. I think this could be a cool addition to concerts or large outdoor shows where people’s voices could be visually translated to […]

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