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Corning: A Day Made of Glass

Corning is a company that specializes in manufacturing glass and ceramics. They are a very innovative company that has been around for about 160 years and they focus on the connection between technology and glass. Their glass has many new features that can make people think very differently about the current uses of regular glass. […]

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Inspiration From Media

As you know we’ve started discussing the “timeline” of technology. As we saw, it is very easy to talk about current technology and past technology or devices that have existed and continue to evolve. On the other hand it is a lot harder to predict what devices will exist in the future. I find the […]

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Anouk Wipprecht: Clever Fashion Designer

Our blog seems to be lacking some fashion flair even though there are some crazy, clever, techy innovations happening within the realm of fashion design. One of such tech-savvy fashionistas is Anouk Wipprecht. She is a Dutch designer who’s responsible for Fergie’s illuminating boots and other technologically awesome clothing designs. The two outfits that impressed […]

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New kind of circuit Memristor

This piece of technology is amazing. The fact that it could take the place of current RAM and include a new state outside of on and off for pc’s is awesome. We all know how frustrating it is when a computer crashes, well potentially this piece of hardware would remember what you were doing last […]

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David Small talk @ OCAD

6:30pm, Thursday March 3, 2011 | FREE! “At the messy intersection of design and technology, there is confusion and frustration, but also great potential. Small Design Firm has been camped in this frontier for some time. In his lecture, founder David Small will recount some of his adventures creating experience with software, electronics and even […]

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The good old Optimus Maximus

There haven’t been that many innovations in the realm of keyboards. Yes, there have been the projected keyboards and the weird ones where you have to flick the keys with your fingers, but the QWERTY system has been with us for quite some time and has not yet been shifted. Well, Optimus Maximus, a creation […]

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Computer wins Jeopardy!

Yep. It’s happened. Once again a computer has been proven to be smarter than man, but this time around it was on a TV show. What started off as an experiment to see if a computer can beat human contestants on the TV show Jeopardy! has then evolved into an elaborate creation of Watson, the […]

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Japanese Anti-Earthquake Technology.

Here’s a video explaining the simple counterweight system embedded in the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge that saved it from collapsing when a major earthquake hit Kobe Japan in 1995. I think that this is a great example of a clever device because it was able to react quickly and to great effect, thus saving both lives and […]

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