Ear Sensor

My husband snores and I’m often stuffing ear plugs in my ear to block the sound. I thought it might be fun to attach this sensor to the end an ear plug and an LED light to the other. When the sensor and ear plug are inserted in the inner cavity of my ear, the . . . → Read More: Ear Sensor

Sensing your baby cows…

The Calf.

An unusual spot on the body to pay too much attention to, and that’s probably why it intrigues me.

Anyways, the first sensor I made was too large, and I cut it down before taking photos.

at rest (02.2)

simply pressing on the sensor (00.6)

where it's attached/located: back of . . . → Read More: Sensing your baby cows…

Social Wearables


8-bit Dynamic Life Shirt

For alllllll the lovers out there. Proximity sensor shirts display full hearts when within “hugging” distance, and lower with increased distance.

insert appropriate emotional response here.


Constellation Dresses

A group of three separate dresses, that when connected with snaps, combine to create various “constellations” with LEDs.

*note: . . . → Read More: Social Wearables

Social Bodies

1. Wearable Pet


“Ref” is a wearable pet which is worn on the wrist and helps you become aware of your emotional state by sensing your heartbeat and mirroring your state of excitement through its non-verbal communication. For example, when you are stressed, Ref will raise its head and tail. Then as soon . . . → Read More: Social Bodies

‘eskimo’ kisses

placement on mask

Felt felt kiss kiss.

I was inspired by an Inuit folktale when I made my mask/performance last semester; so this sensor is ironic even if it isn’t PC.

This simple force sensor is made for the large noses of my felt masks. I am interested in exploring how I (and my . . . → Read More: ‘eskimo’ kisses

SMOKs and Secrets and Sorrys, Oh My!



Things are important to help us remember. Maybe old things can be given a new voice through soft technology?

These SMOKs use thermocromatic ink that fades after the interaction between Other and garment has taken place. The brief description of the project given by xs labs states that SMOKs register visual, . . . → Read More: SMOKs and Secrets and Sorrys, Oh My!

Three socially charged wearables

Intimate Memory Shirt

This garment, created by XS Labs, is designed to store memories of intimate communication with others. For example, if you are wearing the garment and your significant other whispers in your ear, led lights in the garment will be activated. This intimate communication and any other communication, will be stored in . . . → Read More: Three socially charged wearables

Social Projects

***This is a recent edit, Feb 3rd 2010*** Scientists to bring piezoelectrics and rubber together to form flexible, wearable energy harvester http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/02/scientists-to-bring-piezoelectrics-and-rubber-together-to-form-f/ . . . → Read More: Social Projects

Wearable + Technology + Social

Here are my three projects that involve wearable technology in a social way. Each and every one of them totally creeped me out. Make sure to follow the links to catch full descriptions, additional images and videos!

Improve your social interactions

. . . → Read More: Wearable + Technology + Social

Hello My Name is Andrea!

My name is Andrea (and this is my cat, Juneau) and I am a 3rd year Industrial Design student. I have very little knowledge of how technology works, although my father has forever insisted on describing every last details about how new gadgets work (all of which, to me, sounds like a foreign language.) . . . → Read More: Hello My Name is Andrea!

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