SMOKs and Secrets and Sorrys, Oh My!



Things are important to help us remember. Maybe old things can be given a new voice through soft technology?

These SMOKs use thermocromatic ink that fades after the interaction between Other and garment has taken place. The brief description of the project given by xs labs states that SMOKs register visual, physical, and aural memory. Apparently we are not the only ones to be thinking about the aura…

Secret Keeping Gloves

Sometimes socializing is difficult. Maybe we are heartbroken. Or lonely. Or living on the top of a mountain. Being social beings, even the most reserved among us feel the need to reach out; we have secrets we want to share.

Secret Keeper Gloves

The Secret Keeper Gloves are the brainchild of Meg Grant. The wearer tells the secret to the gloves (i.e. into cupped hands) and can hear the secret played back when a fist is made. Maybe there could be a way for two wearers to exchange secrets by shaking hands. Social bodies are interesting but so are anti-social bodies…

Secret Keeper Gloves circuit

What is really interesting about Meg’s work is that she drew her circuits for this project right on her body.

The Apology Helmet

This project of Meg Grant spring-boarded off of the idea that computers help us perform difficult tasks that we do not enjoy doing. Unfortunately, computers leave us hanging when it comes to more challenging tasks that involve communication. The Apology Helmet is worn by the person who wants to apologize. The apology soundbite is activated when the wearer is moving his/her jaw fast enough (there is a chin strap that senses the movement of the jaw). The wearer can choose 4 levels of remorse and has the added benefit of looking ridiculous–an almost foolproof way to ensure his/her apology is accepted!

Apology Helmet


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