Ear Sensor

My husband snores and I’m often stuffing ear plugs in my ear to block the sound. I thought it might be fun to attach this sensor to the end an ear plug and an LED light to the other. When the sensor and ear plug are inserted in the inner cavity of my ear, the LED light would go on.

This special ear plug would function in two ways. Firstly, by looking in a mirror, I can tell if the ear plug has made a good seal inside my ear. A weak light means the seal is bad and and strong light means the seal is solid and a good night’s sleep is imminent. Secondly, the light will notify anyone entering the room (like my son) that I am in a deep slumber.

Materials: Velostat, hand-felted wool, thread, conductive fabric.

Another possibility for this sensor design would be to eliminate the commercial ear plug and make the sensor cylindrical like the commercial ear plug since felt is wonderful at muffling sound.

Ear Sensor

Ear Sensor with Ear Plug

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