‘eskimo’ kisses

placement on mask

placement on mask

Felt felt kiss kiss.

I was inspired by an Inuit folktale when I made my mask/performance last semester; so this sensor is ironic even if it isn’t PC.

This simple force sensor is made for the large noses of my felt masks. I am interested in exploring how I (and my audience) can start to communicate with my masksĀ  in unconventional ways. Since my masks most distinguishing feature (blinking eyes aside) are their over-sized noses, I thought that this would be a good place to experiment with contact.

Here is my sensor. I wanted to create as seamless an integration of sensor into mask as possible so I used craft felt as the ‘bread’ of the ‘sandwich’ sensor. The resistance reading that I got ranged from 0 to 16.



all sewed up

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