* The Heart Chakra * by Katherine, Hilary and Ken

*The Chakras. Digital image. Seven Chakras Balancing Meditation. Web. 22 Jan. 2011. <http://www.illuminatetoday.com/yoga/sevan-chakras-balancing-meditation.html>.

Why we chose the area or body part that we did? The part of the body that was chosen for this assignment was the Heart Chakra also known as the Anahata. ‘The energy of the Anahata influences the heart, lungs, . . . → Read More: * The Heart Chakra * by Katherine, Hilary and Ken

The Shoulder

Our concept for the Whole Body Project was to use a sensor to measure your swing follow through. The practical applications for this concept could range from squash, tennis to golf and hockey. This is a tool that would be used by the athlete to train them to follow through their swing fully. this would . . . → Read More: The Shoulder

Polina’s Body Project

*The Heart Chakra* — Electronics Documentation

In addition to Katherine’s overview of the project, here is some documentation relating to the construction of the electronics:

The components of the circuit that was embedded in the tunic: 1) 6 green LEDs, hooked up in parallel 2) 2 soft switches hooked up in series 3) Coin cell battery holder, + coin cell battery . . . → Read More: *The Heart Chakra* — Electronics Documentation

The Nipple

"Oh! How titilating!"

Teat. Tit. Udder. Nipple.

How do we use technology to (re)shape our perceptions and attitudes towards our bodies? This piece is an exploration in play. We started with an area of the body that is loaded (pun intended) with social stigma. A nipple being given to a baby suggests one relationship . . . → Read More: The Nipple


I am Woman

Hear me BEEP!


Whole Body Project Focused on the Vagina

Group: Amanda, Erin, Loretta

Our initial concept came from opening up and discussing the intricacies of our experience as females with a vagina. As a group we were fascinated with the occurrence of menstrual cycle synchronization of groups of women, . . . → Read More: I am WOMAN!

How does it work? Unicorn magic.

Hi. My name is Polina and I am a 3rd Year Industrial Design Student. Am I technologically savvy? No. Was I one of those kids who took apart hair dryers in search of led? No. Heck, I wasn’t even allowed to play with remote controlled cars. Because those were “boys toys”. But being in . . . → Read More: How does it work? Unicorn magic.

Hi My name is Bin Hur

Hello My name is Bin Hur, born in Seoul, Korea and received Canada citizenship recently (Thank you)

I play guitar and piano and I like classical music. Here is funny video that you might like if you are interested in Classic music.

Im 3rd year ID student. I was interested in ID and . . . → Read More: Hi My name is Bin Hur

Random Bits 1.18.11

Creatron has started selling 9 different colors of electroluminescent (EL) wire and 3V inverters. With these inverters you can power two strands off of a CR2032 coin cell battery or even an Arduino digital pin. Check out Sparkfun’s video about EL wire:

Sparkfun has started carrying an E-Paper display, similar to what you might . . . → Read More: Random Bits 1.18.11

MIke Vaughan

Hey my name is Mike Vaughan, I’m in Industrial Design.

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