Social Bodies

1. Wearable Pet

“Ref” is a wearable pet which is worn on the wrist and helps you become aware of your emotional state by sensing your heartbeat and mirroring your state of excitement through its non-verbal communication. For example, when you are stressed, Ref will raise its head and tail. Then as soon as you relax Ref will curl up its tail and lower its head again. The idea is that by literally objectifying your emotions Ref coaches you regain control instead of being ruled by your emotions.

2. Social Skin Emotional Accessories

Skin+Bone is a necklace that chokes you when your stress levels go up. When the necklace curls around your neck action is required. By pulling the necklace away from you can release the tension in your body and breath deeply in order to calm both yourself and the necklace. The necklace works with a heart rate sensor that is worn on the chest and galvanic skin response sensor that sense your general activeness (active vs. passive) and your level of stress (steady vs. arrhythmic heartbeat).

The first two pieces in the video are prototypes, the third is the final necklace.
3. Pseudo-Morphosis Dress That Paints Itself

Pseudomorphs is a system that let’s dresses paint themselves. Following Intimacy, Dutch haute-tech designerAnouk Wipprecht continues her work on the theme of transformation, this time using the sensual properties of moving liquids. A Pseudomorph dress, when in the making, consists of two parts. The first, a fashionable virginal white dress made of thick felt. The second, an electronic accessory made from repurposed medical equipment, custom designed electronics and a sculpted neck brace. When the two are put together the tubes, which are led to the top of the dress, are filled with an ink which trickles down the dress finding it’s way by pure chance, and so in the process creating a unique piece every time.
Also by Anouk is the amazing Fragillis Collection
The two pieces interact when in proximity to each other.

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