* The Heart Chakra * by Katherine, Hilary and Ken

*The Chakras. Digital image. Seven Chakras Balancing Meditation. Web. 22 Jan. 2011. <http://www.illuminatetoday.com/yoga/sevan-chakras-balancing-meditation.html>.

Why we chose the area or body part that we did?
The part of the body that was chosen for this assignment was the Heart Chakra also known as the Anahata. ‘The energy of the Anahata influences the heart, lungs, thymus, blood and circulation, skin and touch.  In addition, it plays a significant role in circulating energy throughout the body’ 1 (De, Long).  Although this is not a physical part of the body, many people try to open and feel their Anahata by practicing yoga and reiki. This tunic illustrates the Anahata when the user practice’s a Reiki position by placing their hand just below the chest and applying a small about of pressure inorder to allow the LEDS to light up.  The Reiki positions where found on  the wesite Reiki- Reiki Healing Made Easy,under the artical Reiki Hand Treatment- for self healing: http://www.reiki.nu/treatment/treatment.html.  The position chosen for this assignment was : B(3) Brest Position.  The members of our group practice’s or have practiced Yoga or Reiki. We commonly found the relationship between the physical body and the non physical body interesting.

What was the rationale to our approach to sensing or listening to the Heart Chakra?
This non physical part of the body is mainly visualized and not actually seen.  By creating a garment that lights up the heart chakra when placed in a Reiki position, this visualization is turn into a visual form that cannot be seen by the user. The form of a tunic which is a common garment of clothing worn when practicing Yoga and Reiki seemed appropriate foundation for this piece. By keeping traditional linen clothing and incorporating technology into it, the art of Reiki is being respected and represented in it’s original form as well as taking it to the next level of wearable technologies. This  mental visualization is important in the art of Reiki inorder to achieve openness of the heart chakra.
Relevant research or experiences
Research that was undertaken for this assignment was:
Yoga positions – what opens the heart Chakra ( this positions involved a larger portion of the body and did not seen suitable for this assignment. ) ** possible future explorations.
Chakra’s– there meanings, positions on the body, what they do, and symbols that related to each Chakra.
Reiki Positions –  what position opened up the Anahata and there relationship to the body
Soft switches– to turn the Chakra on and off without having to have sleeves on the Tunique
Clothing that is worn during yoga

Prototyping Process and Approch

  1. A pattern for the foundation garment was created (see Figure 2-5)
  2. The  2 of each pattern piece was  cut out of of linen and sew together.
  3. The symbol of the heart chakra was painted on the outer layer of the garment. This is used to defuse the harshness of the LED Lights that are place on the inside layer of the tunic.
  4. A parallel circuit was created for the LED Lights and the Soft switches – making sure that all the connections had an appropriate placement on the body. 
    *See post from Ken
  5. Two soft switches where designed and developed on the chest in order to allow the LEDS to light up when you placed your body in the Reiki pose shown in Fig 1 . 
    *See post from Ken

Figure 2                                                                                                      Figure 3
 Tools: Sewing Machine, Paint brush
Scissors,Hot Glue Gun and,
Needle Nose Pliers




 Figure 4

Material:White Linen,White Cotton, Thread Coin battery,Coin battery pack, 6 LEDS, Wire, Hot glue, Conductive fabric, and Silk Screen Paint.




Improvements and Future Applications:
Make the LEDS More Visable by using a clear base pigment.
* Place the Leds in  a pattern or circluar formation.
* Use electrical thread to make connections
* Make the soft switch’s reaction more pressure senstive.
*Whole body Chakra visualization.
* Make the reaction something that is internal and felt by the user and not seen by the viewer.

  1. De, Long Douglas. “Chapter 6 : The Chakra System.” Ancient Teachings for Beginners: Auras, Chakras, Angels, Rebirth, Astral Projection. 1st ed. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2000. 114-20. Print. 4th Printing
  2. Sandwall, Goran. “Reiki Treatment for Mind, Body and Spirit.” Reiki.nu – Reiki Healing Made Easy!1999-2009. Web. 17 Jan. 2011. <http://www.reiki.nu>.

  *Video of  Our Class Critique On  01/25/2011 will be posted at a later date.

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