*The Heart Chakra* — Electronics Documentation

In addition to Katherine’s overview of the project,
here is some documentation relating to the construction of the electronics:

The components of the circuit that was embedded in the tunic:
1) 6 green LEDs, hooked up in parallel
2) 2 soft switches hooked up in series
3) Coin cell battery holder, + coin cell battery
4) Wire (for longer segments)
5) Conductive Thread (for short segments)
6) Hot glue (to secure wire segments to the fabric)

We went through 2 iterations for the construction of the soft switches:

Iteration 1:
Soft switches were constructed using two pieces of conductive fabric,
which were separated by a ‘border’ of foam sheet (to prevent the pieces of
conductive fabric from contacting eachother directly when pressure is not
applied). Each piece of conductive fabric was backed with foam sheet,
to add stiffness, and prevent accidental contact due to flexing.

We found that due to the large area of conductive fabric that was exposed
with this method, the switch was turned on even with a slight amount of
bending or pressure — how would we reduce sensitivity? Which brings us
to Iteration 2.

Iteration 2:
Adapting a construction method from the ‘Fabric Button’ sensor on
kobakant.at (http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=48), we added a layer
of foam sheet between the two conductive fabric pieces. This layer
of foam sheet was perforated with 3 large holes, which ‘stabilized’ the
switch, and was effective in preventing accidental tripping of the circuit due to flexing/ light brushing.

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