The Nipple

"Oh! How titilating!"

Teat. Tit. Udder. Nipple.

How do we use technology to (re)shape our perceptions and attitudes towards our bodies? This piece is an exploration in play. We started with an area of the body that is loaded (pun intended) with social stigma. A nipple being given to a baby suggests one relationship between bodies while a nipple in the mouth of another adult or exposed in public has completely different connotations.

Nipples are fun.

Titty-twister. Tweak. Ruby-booby. Purple-nurple.

No matter what your personal relationship to The Nipple is, The Nipple has a history of being tweaked, twisted, and toyed with. From school boys to famous works of art there is homage paid to The Nipple. The well known Le’Ecole de Fontainebleau subverts notions of Fine Art as something unexciting and dry and engorges it with an element of play. All thanks to The Nipple.

We started with 8 purple LEDs sewn in parallel in a circle. The soft ‘sandwich’ switch was placed in the centre of the LEDs making up the actual nipple. A coin cell battery pack was sewn to the underside of the areola. The entire structure was covered with handmade felt and a adhesive nipple cover was sewn to the back.


Power source

Open circuit

Closed circuit


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