Three socially charged wearables

Intimate Memory Shirt

This garment, created by XS Labs, is designed to store memories of intimate communication with others. For example, if you are wearing the garment and your significant other whispers in your ear, led lights in the garment will be activated. This intimate communication and any other communication, will be stored in the garment for future playback. For more information click here.

The UbER-Badge

This Badge, was designed by the Responsive Environments Group at the MIT media Lab. It has a variety functions that allow multiple users/wearers to communicate with one another; for example, viral message passing, location of individuals, analysis of social networking and formation of affinity groups. This device would work well in a large room where a number of people are gathered for example at a conference. Click here for more information.

Spotty Dress

Another project by XS Labs, these dresses have an irregular pattern of spots printed on them with thermochromic inks. “Physical intimacy makes your spots blend into your skin, it erases your camouflage patterns. You become nude, revealed”. For more information click here.

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