Time for a little ACDC!

It’s never too late (or too early) to rock! This “headbanging” sensor provides heavy guitar riffs whenever you feel so inclined to rock out. Portable, wireless, lightweight. Now you have no excuse.


Lilypad Arduino Lilypad Xbee 2 Xbee Radios Xbee Explorer Breakout Board FTDI Breakout Board 9V battery + holder Flex Sensor . . . → Read More: Time for a little ACDC!

Adorable Monsters are adorable.

For my social body project I’ll be making a monster tail, that wags depending on my mood; tail as signifier in social situations–something animals have but humans don’t. And while I could do an existing animal, well, that’s boring. So I’m creating a monster/monster persona. Anyways, as part of other research/inspiration for another class, I . . . → Read More: Adorable Monsters are adorable.

soft coincell battery holder

This week, after a pricey trip to Creatron (who owns EL wire? THIS GUY), I decided to start trying different approaches to making my own/soft battery holders. I used felt as a base, as it easy to cut into and doesn’t fray. Other materials were basic: small swatches of conductive material and conductive thread. Oh, . . . → Read More: soft coincell battery holder

Blush – Soft Sensor

For my soft sensor project, I constructed a mask which has a soft sensor embedded in the lips. When the lips are touched or kissed, the cheeks of the mask will blush via red LEDs on the inside of the mask.

Blush works best in lower lighting conditions and is, arguably, the creepiest thing that . . . → Read More: Blush – Soft Sensor

Soft Sensor – HEAD

The part of the body I chose to do a pressure sensor for is the head. The concept that I came up with was an anti-napping sensor that, when attached to a buzzer, would help to prevent in-class/at-work napping. The sensor is a “Z” shape (Zzzzz….of course!) that can be attached to a headband, bobby . . . → Read More: Soft Sensor – HEAD

Twins, Shyness, and Family

Living Pod

By Ying Gao with Simon Laroche, Anne-Marie Durand-Laflamme, and Isabelle Giroux

Living Pod is a pair of pneumatic pump controlled interactive nylon coats that represent fraternal twins. While the two garments appear to be identical, Garment B mimics the reactions of Garment A external influences.

If the wearer of Garment A Begins . . . → Read More: Twins, Shyness, and Family

soft cyborg?

For this project I am going to be exploring the idea of the ‘social body’ through the narratives that take place between my body and one of my soft robots; through performance I will engage in the “struggle between a force of playfulness, of transgression of established boundaries, and a force that seeks to police . . . → Read More: soft cyborg?

Soft Switches

Here are some of my soft switches! Still making interesting wearables, but I wanted to post my progress.

Sensor 1. This sensor works but i sewed the pieces too tightly and used too much conductive fabric. Practice round 1.

This is the second sensor. Its cool cause its round. Its for my kegal . . . → Read More: Soft Switches

Social Wearable Examples

Social Networking While you Sleep

1. Shoes that generate electricity when you walk.

2. A sleeping cap that transmits your dreams

3. A shirt that serves as a touch-sensitive input device.

NOTE: These aren’t actual products, but concept prototypes by artist Alex Dodge.

. . . → Read More: Social Wearable Examples

Social Wearable Projects

Here are a few interesting projects that use wearable technology to mediate social interactions:

Pong Prom, by Edward Keeble (2009)

In Edward Keeble’s Pong Prom, two users wearing technology-enabled hoodies play a game of Pong by slow-dancing with eachother. The whimsical and physically intimate ‘entry requirements‘ into the experience (the slow-dance), coupled with the . . . → Read More: Social Wearable Projects

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