Social Dancing as Foreplay

After playing around with EL wire trying to come up with a configuration for my “Anti-Rape” wearable. I decided I couldn’t pull it off without making it look lame and cheesy. So I decided to go back to one of my favourite pass times for inspiration – dancing. This time, social dancing.

In many cultures, since the beginning of time, dancing has been used as a mating ritual. Today, it’s still one of the most popular ways for couples to meet. One of the steamiest and sexiest dances ever invented is the Argentine Tango. Christine Denniston has written an interesting article called, “The Traditional Way to Learn to Dance Tango”. She explains how Argentinian young men spent months learning and practicing this dance with other men just so they could eventually dance dangerously close with the girl of their dreams (

For this project, I’d like to visually show how the touch between the dancers causes sexual stimulation. I plan to use the EL wire to track the path of stimulation from the first touch to the groin. (see diagram)

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