soft coincell battery holder

This week, after a pricey trip to Creatron (who owns EL wire? THIS GUY), I decided to start trying different approaches to making my own/soft battery holders.  I used felt as a base, as it easy to cut into and doesn’t fray.  Other materials were basic: small swatches of conductive material and conductive thread.  Oh, and regular thread, of course.

interior of soft casing, with conductive material ironed on

sides of casing sewn together, and conductive thread sewn through each bit of conductive material, though separately

my simple cicuit, with the battery not yet in the casing

Ta-da! Success!

While the soft casing does indeed work, it needs much improvement.  Felt was good to determine the size, shape, and placement of conductivity, but because of the nature of the material, it has too much “give” and then ends up working more like a soft switch that needs to be pressed to ensure full connectivity.  However, next I’ll be trying more solid materials, and stretch fabrics.  Also, after many failed attempts to make a soft battery casing for the smaller 1.55V batteries, I will be trying again!

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