Soft Switches

Here are some of my soft switches! Still making interesting wearables, but I wanted to post my progress.

Sensor 1. This sensor works but i sewed the pieces too tightly and used too much conductive fabric. Practice round 1.

This is the second sensor. Its cool cause its round. Its for my kegal sensor so it works in the 360 degrees.

Sensor 3: THis time I sewed the piece more loosely and used less conductive material. I attached a coin cell battery and a speaker to play sound, however with the velostat there was too much resistance to power. damn.

Final Version= awesomeness: I used 2 small strips of conductive fabric, and sewed the two pieces very loosely they work perfectly. The sensor spot was for the temples, so I'm going to cut it to size and shape to create a headpiece.

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