Twins, Shyness, and Family

Living Pod

By Ying Gao with Simon Laroche, Anne-Marie Durand-Laflamme, and Isabelle Giroux

Living Pod is a pair of pneumatic pump controlled interactive nylon coats that represent fraternal twins. While the two garments appear to be identical, Garment B mimics the reactions of Garment A external influences.

If the wearer of Garment A Begins a conversation with a third party, the front of Garment A is transformed by burst of air within the coat.  A few moments later, Garment B replicated Garment A’s reaction, yet the wearer of Garment B and those around the wearer of Garment B may be unaware of what is causing the structural changed in Garment B or why they are occurring.

Barking Mad

By Suzi Webster with Jordan Benwick

Designed to help shy people deal with the stresses of urban overcrowding, the Barking Mad jacket has embedded proximity sensors which detect how close others are to the wearer.  The jacket respons to personal space infringements by playing back through embedded flat speakers, the sounds of dogs barking.  If the stranger is relatively far away, the barking with be that of a small poodle.  However, if the intruder remains and gets closer, the barking will become louder and will eventually sound like a rottweiler.


By Jayne Wallace

Blossom is a custom made and hand worn jewelry piece which is symbolic of the relationship between the owner (Ana) who lives in London and her family in Cyprus.  The flower stays in London with Ana but is remotely connected to a rain sensor which has been planted on Ana’s family land in Cyprus.  Once the sensor registers a predetermined amount of rain, the flower will open and remind Ana of her family and her home.

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