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As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to show how social dancing is a form of sexual foreplay and I was looking to the Tango for inspiration. However, after playing around with the idea of lighting up erogenous zones as the dancers touch, I realized that Salsa was a more appropriate dance to showcase this concept because salsa dancers are constantly changing their body and hand positions. Here’s a video clip of the final project.

I used gloves to create the circuit. A coin cell battery and an invert have been sewn into the wrist of one of the female of the gloves. The inverter, converts the DC power from the battery to AC power which is required to activate the EL wire. The EL wire has been sewn into the female garment and can be easily plugged into the inverter at the wrist. Conductive fabric has been applied to the palm and inside fingers of the glove and are connected to the battery and the inverter. The circuit is broken between the fingers and the palm so that when a fist is made with the hand, it will close the circuit and the El wire will light up. Also, the male glove has conductive fabric on it that will close the circuit when it comes in contact with the female glove. The same circuit has been created for the male garment. If I had a larger budget for this project, I would have created four circuits instead of two so the the light display would have been more dynamic.

Working with EL wire

The wire was quite easy to sew onto my garments once I had found a fabric that could support the wire.  I tried some fabrics that were soft and fluid but they would bend with the wire rather than support it.  I chose a medium weight cotton that worked beautifully.  I made the dress from scratch and I bought the shirt for $15.00 from winners.

I experimented with  sewing the wire onto the fabric with a zig zag stitch on the sewing machine.  It worked quite well until my needle went through the wire and damaged it.  However, I was able cut out the damaged wire and reconnect it using a very helpful youtube video I have posted.

Here are my schematics and detailed images:

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