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How am I only just finding this??? HOW?!?!

There’s a LilyPad Arduino Cake in it!

Accio invisibility cloak!

Crazy cool wearable, y’all.


Found a cool company that makes clothing and decorations from fiber opticts:

Soical Body Project:Positive Attitude

For my social body project I was inspired by a girl who I met at a fundraiser fashion show. I had the honour of designing a dress for A young women who was dealing with having Multiple sclerosis. MS is a neurological disease, whose symptom is physical disability, which makes it difficult for patients . . . → Read More: Soical Body Project:Positive Attitude

Final Project: Progress

The blazer, the chain, the wire + the weaving.

Here are a few images of the progress I have made on my final project!

Final Project – Progress

Left wall

Left wall of my sculpture has an image of a graffiti wall on it. A shoe made out of clear acrylic that represents its culture is sticking on the wall. The shoe lase is EL wire that is connected with a battery box embedded on its one end.

Right Wall

The right . . . → Read More: Final Project – Progress

Wearable Cycling Safety

The speed-vest

“The SPEED-VEST is a bicycle safety device and advocacy tool which displays the wearer’s current speed on their back in easy-to-read lighted numerals. It improves rider conspicuity while legitimizing bicycle speeds on the roadway. Originally conceived by Brady Clark and engineered by Mykle Hansen, it just won the Hub Bike Shop’s Bike . . . → Read More: Wearable Cycling Safety

Fibre Optic Tapestry – For you Erin

I received my copy of Fiber Arts Magazine this week and was pleasantly surprised to find this Fiber-Optic tapestry on the front cover. Here’s a link to a video that give more information on the concept and making of this inspirational piece.

OCAD Wearable Tech in Toronto Star today

OCAD gives technology an artistic spin; School’s design students merge fashion with circuitry to encourage social interaction

Page X4 under "Courses and Careers"

Toronto Star Thu Mar 24 2011 Page: X4 Section: Feature Byline: Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew Toronto Star

Fashion collides with technology in a classroom on the third floor of OCAD University.

Students . . . → Read More: OCAD Wearable Tech in Toronto Star today

final project – progress

Inspired by Loretta’s shoulder-pad suggestion, I spent part of Tuesday night ideating + picking up supplies for what is (hopefully) going to be a pair of badass chain shoulder pads with a built in battery that powers 2-3 LEDs.

latest fashion involving studded/chain/badass shoulder pads

Still working with my integrated-circuitry concept, I am going . . . → Read More: final project – progress

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