A Night Light For My Pocket (12-Hour Challenge)

For my 12-hour circuit, I decided to construct a light-up pocket — 
I tend
to keep a large assortment of things in my pockets, 
and often find myself
fumbling in the dark (by feel only) at night for 
the knickknack that I need.

The lightup pocket is essentially a ‘second pocket’ which slips into 
existing pocket of reasonable size, making it versatile enough to 
from one garment to another. LED’s embedded in the bottom 
of an outer
layer provide illumination, while an inner layer (for storage) is suspended
above the LED’s. A soft switch on the front of the pocket turns on the LED’s
The circuitry consists of conductive thread sown into the pocket’s fabric,
dabs of hot glue for stability.

Blue Denim (for outer layer)
White Burlap (for inner layer)
3 White LED’s (soldered together in parallel)
Reflective Foil Tape
Soft Switch (Foam Rubber+ Burlap + Conductive Fabric)
Coin Cell Battery
Coin Cell Battery Holder
Conductive Thread


Before testing, I stuffed the pocket to the brim with essential daily belongings:
IPhone, earbuds, USB key, and a pack of gum. On Sunday, the light-up pocket
survived a good 8 hours in my winter coat. I will be testing its mettle with a
harsher test tonight, when I will sleep with it stuffed into a pajama pocket.

Next steps:

– Putting the LED’s in the bottom of the pocket turned out to be 
  a bad
design choice — there is not enough light to penetrate 
  the space of the
pocket when it is full of objects
– The coin cell battery, while small, lit the LED’s only dimly —
a single or double AA battery pack may work better.

Some Images:

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