bluetooth lab session NEXT WEEK

Hey gang,

If anyone is using Bluetooth for their final projectable, our fearless leader Kate said she would be overjoyed to have a lab session outside of class time to show us the [wireless] ropes.

Please comment when you’d be free next week to get together.

Tuesday before class or any time on Thursday before 6:30pm works for me.

3 comments to bluetooth lab session NEXT WEEK

  • Loretta Faveri

    I’d love to join the Bluetooth lab. Thanks Kate. Here’s my availability:

    Monday – before 2pm
    Tuesday – before or after class
    Wednesday – all day
    Thursday – before 3:30pm
    Friday – all day

  • Erin Lewis

    I’m game. Here is my schedule:
    Monday – n/a
    Tuesday – after class
    Wednesday – after 11:30am
    Thursday – all day
    Friday – all day

  • Michael Vaughan

    monday – after 11:30
    tuesday – afterclass
    wednesday – after 2:30
    thursday – after 11:30 (actually all day but i like to sleep in this day 🙂
    friday – after 2:30

    id really like to do it on thursday if we could.

    Cheers, Mike

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