Chance Operations of the Body – Work Plan

Arduino Prototyping
1. Capture “serial data” from accelerometer

Processing Prototyping

2. figure out how to load “serial data” from Arduino into Processing
3. figure out how to use data to play MP3 files in Processing (I’m at this stage right now)
4. attach accelerometer to body and determine data ranges that will trigger MP3 files
5. load data using Bluetooth

Things to work on while I’m figuring out my programming code

1. create MP3 files
2. source materials for building costume
3. Begin assembling costume and circuit

6. Test project on dancer and make adjustments
7. Document on film


Can I run two Processing sketches at the same time?
Can I load information from two lilypads into one processing sketch?

1 comment to Chance Operations of the Body – Work Plan

  • For sound, check out the Minim library for Processing.
    File -> Examples -> Library -> Minim
    The LoadFile example includes basic audio playback.
    additional infor here:

    In terms of your questions, it will probably reduce your work considerably if you can stick to one Arduino + bluetooth setup up. Is there any way of connecting the top with the skirt?

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