Final Project Proposal: Body Circuit
Creative Statement:
Our body and our clothing are in direct relationship with  one another. This relationship interchanges at every moment that you change your clothing. This assignment will be looking at the act of taking your close on and off, and how your body adds life to clothing. To illustrate this idea a corset that will embellished by leds will be created. When the wearer has it on, the lights will glow, when the wear takes it off the lights will turn off .

From past experimentations, I have found that when incorporating electrical technology into clothing it seems to be invasive. The wire must be stitched in, which essentially changes the prosperity of the fabric. This is some cases takes away from the actually garment that is hosting the technology. For my final project, my intent is to incorporate a fully functional circuit directly into the fabric of corset shape to create a soft wearable circuit. The circuit will be woven directly into the shape of the top eliminating the use of wires and cross connections. This top will illustrate the importance of the relationship to the body and what we wear. Here is an example of a soft circuit that has been created using printing methods: The correlation between this project and the project that I will be fabricating is creating a circuit that lays flat on fabrics. I however, will be using weaving to create a circuited cloth.


The weaving process of creating cloth with Double Weave allows you to create tubular shapes directly onto on the loom. Primarily how it works is that the loom is threaded in a way that when your passing your weft through your warp, whatever is happing on the top happens on the bottom of the cloth as well. Here is a great video on double weave:  I will be creating samples of different 3 dimensional shapes that can be produced on the loom. This includes: tube a tube with a slit down the middle, and a tube with a slit down the side. Thinking about a circuit these methods of double weave will be focused on because it allows for a way to open and close the circuit.

Electrical Thread
Coin cell Batteries ( not sure how many at this time )
Cotton Warp
Reused Silk Scrap Weft.

*To make sure that this cloth is compatible with most wires a line of 6 electoral thread passes through   the warp will be made. This way the current can be applicable to incorporating EL wire.

Rough Sketches:


Figuring out the Kinks:

Battery source ( where to put it? Is there more then on power source? ) * down the back
Switch- Does it Switch on and off?   How -Snaps?

Plan Production:
March 19th– Wind warp, thread warp ( photo’s will be inserted into the final post )
March 21st – Completed double weave samples to figure out which method works the best
March 25th –  Start weaving with electoral threads
March 27th–  Finish weaving Top + start to add on Led lights
March 28th – install battery supply and closure.
April 1st-  Documentation of the Final Project.

***Post will be updated with samples as well as process work.


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