For my 12 hour circuit i decided to make a fluff!

I’m one of those creepy people that will pick fluffs off strangers, and i thought it would be funny to create a fluff with a simple curcuit that would buzz when it was removed from the clothes of the wearer. haha

The piece is below. I really want to wear it out… but i’ve been super sick with the worst flu virus ever. So I decided to post my work, and will wear the piece on Monday when i head back to OCAD (after a week off sick ). I will post the full experience before class on Tuesday!

I made the fluff using a dry felting technique with some white fleece. I created a small mushroom top, and stuck the most annoying speaker, and a small coin cell battery pack, added some conductive thread, then sewed in a mini clothespin making either side part of the circuit. When the fluff is pinned onto clothes, the clothespin is separated; and when it is plucked off, the pin closes the circuit.

Heres the Test-Run

Here’s How It Works




Cassie Laughing

She wants one too!

So I word the Fluff today to a meeting. haha. Maybe not the best idea. My sweater was slightly less thick, so it accidentally went off in the meeting. Which made everyone laugh… and suddenly everyone noticed the fluff. At the end of the meeting, everyone wanted to play with it! Their favorite part was the sound! Since it sounds like a baby wailing.

Anyway, everyone loved it! And were totally surprised that it was  “more than a fluff”.

By the end of the day the fluff stayed together, but the thread had come slightly loose, so it was UBER sensitive especially with my thin sweater. So this is something to consider next time, which is that when i was wearing it at home my sweater was thicker, and when i left the house today it was warm, so i wore something different. Because my wearable depends on the resistance between the sweater and clothespin, i should have tested the piece using different sweaters, and optimized the experience!

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