Food Security Suit

“If you’ve never suspected that real life must be elsewhere, somewhere beyond the shopping districts and suburbs, off the highway, over the fields and oceans; ┬áIf there is no part of you unfulfilled by stock options and prime time programming and cutting edge digital technology– then perhaps this is not for you.”

It has 20 pockets of varying sizes and shapes to fit the unique needs of the individual city-dwelling free food revolutionary! For more info go here

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Keep your hands free!

Natasha's Dumpster Diving Adventure

Awesomenessss- Constructed out of an old denim jacket, deconstructed army shirt, and several deconstructed Purses. Total cost $10

Coat Back view with Upside -down Flag. The Lunch-bag Hood is a detachable prototype.

Side Bag Front View- The Bag can be rolled up and attached to the buttons on the back of the coat.

Side Bag Back View Made from T-shirt and army shirt remnants. The pockets are for easy access to fruit, and also fits juice cartons.

Button Top Shoulder Bag made of Deconstructed Shirt Sleeves; buttons to the coat

Shoulder Bag attaches to shoulder of coat, and can swing front to back

Shoulder Bag on Back

Bag Combo! Both button to the Jacket so your bags stay secure!

Extra Bag Strap or Belt- knit from t-shirt remnants

Lunch Bag Prototype - The bag doubles as a hood, and is attached to the coat with buttons. But it can be used to keep food fresh b/c it zips shut! Its made out of a reusable grocery bag.

Anarchist Repair Kit

The revolution will not be televised.

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  • Loretta Faveri

    This is awesome Amanda! I think the images of Natasha “Dumpster Diving” effectively shows the revolutionary and subversive aspects of your garment. I meant to tell you in class how much I like the imagery you used on the back of the jacket, it really sets the revolutionary tone. Can’t wait to see more!

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