Hello from TED’11!

Hi all,

Greetings from sunny California! As I post this, you should be launching into your stunning Social Body project critic with the esteemed Julian Higuerey Nunez.

I was thinking of you all as I watched the TED Fellows presentations yesterday which included biocouture by Suzanne Lee and wearables that enable animal super powers by Chris Woebken. I’ll come back with a full report on all things exciting and relevant.

Once today’s critique is through, we’ll be moving on to the final project. For next week your assignment is to post your final project proposal to the blog, 300-500 words + whatever supporting images, diagrams, links, references, etc are relevant. I’ll provide a full project description next week, but this is really an opportunity for you to pursue what you are passionate about within the subject area of wearable tech. For this project, we’ll be adopting a modified version of the evaluation criteria used in the ISWC Design Competition:

*  Concept: How novel is the concept or application? Has it been done before? Is the approach novel? The work should exhibit depth of understanding and insight.
* Technology: How innovative is the use of technology: have advances been made in the use of standard tools for a new purpose? Have new technologies been developed? What does the technology bring to the wearer or the viewer in the wearable environment?
* Execution: How professional and polished is the finished product? Have appropriate or novel construction techniques been implemented? How have standard hardware components been adapted for the wearable environment?
* Communication: How well have the concept, novelty, and use of technology been communicated? Is the idea and process evident in presentation, written and visual materials?

In addition you should read the following:

We’ll discuss these in class next week. See you then!


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