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For my social body project I chose to deal with the children’s hospital environment. Looking at how bodies (patients and in this case more specifically kids) interact within that environment would be interesting enough but there is also an added element of the “healing body”. How do our bodies interact with the environment during the process of healing? How does it change our perception of interaction? What could I improve about the interaction in a hospital environment? One of the problems I researched was something outlined in the “Marshmallow Experiment”. The video below is it.

The Marshmallow Test

To summarize kids don’t have a clear understanding of the future, or at least they don’t see the importance of it. For an adult it is easy to understand that this unpleasant procedure right now will mean feeling better later, for a kid any possible way of avoiding pain is top priority.

My project aims to ease the experience of being in a hospital for a child (targer audience ages 5-12) making it a more interactive and fun experience. Upon their arrival the kid is given a bracelet that logs their medical information, much like the bracelets already used in hospitals.

However using RFID technology this bracelet allows the kid to create their own persona – a superhero – that they keep for their stay at the hospital. Each medical procedure becomes part of the “journey” that their character must complete. The characters can interact through digital interfaces situated throughout the hospital and the completion of all “challenges” (aka medical procedures) signifies winning, a successful completion of your journey. Imagine a bunch of little superheroes running around (and speaking of running RFID technology can increase safety. The chip I used can be detected up to 10 m allowed for the child’s location to be easily monitored)

The RFID chip I attached to one of the bracelets  can be detected by the Arduino application.

I wanted to add fun to the hospital environment as well as empower kids who might be feeling weak, scarred or unsure of why they are there. Staying in a hospital can be a difficult experience and I think this product can make it easier.

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