Interactive Tile Design

Please Watch Video that shows the changes that I was asked to make;


I wanted to imitate the hurry and rapid movement towards futuristic plus technological changes that we are living in. I believe that a rapid move towards changing technology is bringing us close to each other yet it is keeping us apart. Hence, we live away from each other but still exchange our views. My design is an interactive piece of art.

Interactive Tile

This interactive tile has three layers. Two on each side and one in between. I used clear acrylic and pasted carefully selected images. The outer two images represent motion and change where as the one in between hidden images is of a sleeping woman who takes life as it comes to her.

Design Inspiration

I took my design inspiration from ‘Change of Position’, Anton Bragaglia (1911) that represents the Futurists used the mechanical eye of the camera that suggests a new view of the world.

Interactive Tile Design & Technology

The tile represents a distance between the two people on its two sides. When someone comes close the tile it lights-up. As one approaches the light glows at three different intensities. Hence, a person on each side interacts with the person on the other side through the changing light intensity.

Watch Video on Youtube

Made possible

I programmed ardino with a distance sensor and connected it with EL wire.

Materials Used
  1. Acrylic
  2. Prints on Clear papers
  3. Glu
  4. EL Wire – Blue 3m
  5. EL Inverter – 3V
  6. Ardino
  7. Sorting iron
  8. Laptop
  9. Wiring
  10. Side Switch

1 comment to Interactive Tile Design

  • Some questions & notes:
    -What is the intended user scenario? In what way does the tile respond to proximity? Perhaps this could be illustrated with a set of diagrams or a video.
    -Why a tile? Is there only one tile? Or would there eventually be many?
    -The Arduino program that is included in the post does not perform the function that is described.
    -Can you explain the relationship between this concept and the idea of the social body>
    -Can you include a visual representation of the images that you describe?

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