Metal Scrap Yard

A few of you were interested to know about Solway Metal, the scrap yard I went to the other day. They’re close to Dundas West Station, just off of Symington Ave. Here’s their info.


That’s right. For more info go here.

odd accessories for obscure body parts

This is the collection No Reference by fashion designer Christophe Coppens. It’s low-tech but like our Whole Body Project deals with those often forgotten parts of our corpuses. More info can be found on Facebook and We Make Money Not Art.

. . . → Read More: odd accessories for obscure body parts


Final Project Proposal: Body Circuit Creative Statement: Our body and our clothing are in direct relationship with one another. This relationship interchanges at every moment that you change your clothing. This assignment will be looking at the act of taking your close on and off, and how your body adds life to clothing. To illustrate . . . → Read More: FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL KD

Pamper Those Flex Sensors!

Found out the hard way this weekend that the Spectra Symbol flex sensors (the ones stocked by Creatron & Sparkfun) are quite delicate and highly susceptible to damage. While the embedded sensor is pretty tough (and protected with a sheet of plastic), the section between the electrodes and the sensor is incredibly flimsy — . . . → Read More: Pamper Those Flex Sensors!

Conductive Lace

Some ladies in the Netherlands are making conductive lace.

See here.

Conductive lace pressure circuit

12 Hour Princess Tiara

For my 12 Hour project, I decided to take a page from Kate’s book and doing a piece that lives on the head. The head is such a stable environment, and so makes a perfect home for a circuit 🙂

My circuit is just a simple amber LED with a battery pack + wires and . . . → Read More: 12 Hour Princess Tiara


For my 12 hour circuit i decided to make a fluff!

I’m one of those creepy people that will pick fluffs off strangers, and i thought it would be funny to create a fluff with a simple curcuit that would buzz when it was removed from the clothes of the wearer. haha

The piece is . . . → Read More: Fluff!

Final Project Proposal: Integrated Circuitry

For my final project, I am going to create a fashion piece that incorporates the circuitry in the overall design. I am going to focus on embracing the electronic parts of the gadget instead of hiding them by involving them in the structure, aesthetic and usability of the piece.

I feel that the biggest opportunity . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal: Integrated Circuitry

Final Project Proposal: Physiotherapy as Game Experience

Introduction: For my final project, I will create a wearable physiotherapy implement which will transform the normally arduous task of performing therapy exercises into a playful and game-like activity.

Through this wearable device, a user’s level of physical exertion will be translated into behaviors and rewards within a game-like experience, and their ongoing progress will . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal: Physiotherapy as Game Experience

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