Soical Body Project:Positive Attitude

   For my social body project I was inspired by a girl who  I met at a fundraiser fashion show. I had the honour of designing a dress for  A young women who was dealing with having Multiple sclerosis.  MS is a neurological disease, whose symptom is physical disability, which makes it difficult for patients to walk. MS is the most common neurological disease among young adults, especially effecting women.   After chatting with her for a couple hours, I was so impressed by her attitude towards life in general.  She is an inspiring actress who loves  the spot light while being on stage, as well as a creative writer. She began to tell me stories about the things she did before she had  MS and lost some on the movement in her legs.  This girl around the same age as me, was dealing with a life changing experiences and walked around with the biggest smile on her face.

From this experience came the positive attitude dress.  An el wire is situated at the right hip of the colourful silk bottom of the dress.  By using a soft switch on the right side of the body, when your right hand is placed to your right hip, the el wire lights up, an organic flow shape on the left hip.  This idea illuminates the confidence that it takes to strike a pose on the run way.

pressing the soft sensor 

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