this is the future.

For the 12 hour circuit challenge, I wanted to make something specifically for me, and who I am. Who am I? I’m a transformer-robot-dinosaur. I’m a transgender humanoid, negotiating my way though life with a clunky malfunctioning body. While in waiting for my new parts and circuits to arrive, I thought I’d give myself a bit of an upgrade, with a identifying tag.

The simple circuit is a coin-cell battery (and holder), and three LEDs (green, blue, and white). The circuit was sewn onto a thick piece of white felt, and the unit was then sewn onto a piece of white leather. The unit/ID sits against the body, in contact with the skin, and is held in place by the chest binder(s) I wear. This is strictly a transgender(male) wearable.

Depending on how you read the LEDs, they can signify different things. Green-Blue-White: Elija Hayden Montgomery; Blue-White-Green: Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur.

under the first binder/layer

through two layers...

still visible through my shirt

This assignment was a very interesting experiment. First of all, it looked super awesome. While “functionally” the circuit was useless, it did seem to embody me with this very techno-cyborg-transformer-robot feeling (yes, I’m a “feeling” robot). Especially since it was next to my skin, and under my binders. I already have a very strong ‘relationship’ to my binders, as they are really more like another skin than an article of clothing. If I were to wear just my binders in public, I would consider myself to be naked in a lot of ways. Placing the electronics between myself and the binders was very much the same as if I had been implanted with the technology. What was also interesting was when it was not visible, like when I went outside with all my layers on. While others could not see it, and even I couldn’t see the lights, I knew it was still really bright under everything. It obviously drew attention from people, and they would either ask, “Why are you glowing?” or “Are you a robot?” Yes. Yes, I am. And then we would talk about what a convincing humanoid I make.

I really enjoyed this mini project, and plan on wearing this piece regularly. It has also helped me with my final project plans, including materials to use. Leather and felt for the win.

2 comments to TRANSformer

  • Rachael Kess

    I wonder if you could do a series of prints for t-shirts that match up with your light. Like a whole bunch of adorable monsters with glowing eyes…

  • I like this: “very much the same as if I had been implanted with the technology”
    Goes back to our discussions about where the body ends and the world begins and the varying types and layers of “skins” that we all have…

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