troll pin

troll doll

I admit I didn’t set out to make a Troll pin, but that’s the way my 12 hour circuit turned out. I will confess that I have a few from my childhood stashed somewhere in the basement of my parent’s house. They’re supposed to be lucky, right? Don’t Bingo ladies use them…

My circuit is super simple. Just a coin cell battery pack and a large red LED. I soldered the prongs of the LED right to the battery pack and used a little hot glue to keep the LED in place. The casing is made out of fleece (of course) and has a pin on the back. There is a little opening for the troll guts to slip in and out of if I need to change the battery.

Here’s hoping today is a lucky one! (I don’t play bingo but I might buy a lottery ticket for kicks.)

the 'jewel'--get it?

case with opening if i need to change the battery

all lit up and lucky

my little troll and me

hour 14

Fourteen hours, 2 yoga classes, one performance class, and tea with a friend and my little troll is still going strong. In need of a brush, but no need for a new battery or a new LED. It was kind of fun wearing this today; I got a lot of positive feedback from my peers. There’s something about the combination of felt and light that makes this object curious.

And I didn’t buy a lottery ticket. But I did get to do yoga in a window and spend time drinking tea out of handmade porcelain cups. Lucky me.

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