* Little Details *

Idea: To create a wearable body circuit that promotes interaction by examining details. As the switches are found and turned on, LEDs light up.

Materials: 10.5 M of 22GA Brass wire 3 volt battery and battery pack holder Plastic Beads 5 Lilly Pad LEDs (blue, yellow, green, white) Silk Yarn


Final . . . → Read More: * Little Details *

Growth – Final Documentation (April 14)

Hi everyone,

Here’s a PDF of my final documentation for Growth, including the new stuff I presented this past week:

Growth – Final Documentation


Physiotherapy is an often painful and arduous activity, which patients approach with loathing and impatience, and sometimes even avoidance. These negative attitudes and behaviors towards physiotherapy can add considerably to . . . → Read More: Growth – Final Documentation (April 14)

Power Fist (Soft Sensor Project)

Having recently read about the fabulous TEI Superhero Design Challenge (http://www.tei-conf.org/11/participation_/design-challenge/), I’ve been wanting to create my own piece of superhumanizing attire.

Enter PowerFist, a flashy glove that imbues its wearer with ridiculously awesome strength! As the wearer closes their fingers into a fist, the glove will ‘charge’, and the emblem (a ‘P’, of . . . → Read More: Power Fist (Soft Sensor Project)

Badass – Enhancing Social Alienation

Title: Badass

Concept/Objective: To create a wearable and fully functioning supermodern garment to be worn while riding the TTC which would deter others from getting too close to and/or interacting with the wearer.

If strangers come to close to the wearer, the garment will raise the collar to obscure the lower portion of the face . . . → Read More: Badass – Enhancing Social Alienation

Jacquard Woven Cunductive Textile

Here’s another article I found in Fibre Arts Magazine April/May 2010. Artists Christy Matson and Jon Brumit created an installation featuring a wall of conductive fabric and a mish mash of electrical components the give the viewer a taste of the unexpected.

Class pictures!

E-mail me (elija.montgomery@gmail.com) if you want better resolution of these photos–I had to reduce them a lot to be able to post them on here.

. . . → Read More: Class pictures!

Head Dress to Impress


Inspired by the ancient Indian, Russian and Japanese head dresses, as well as the modern interpretations of the subject I wanted to create a wedding Head Dress that would capture images throughout the day, allowing the wearer the freedom of enjoying the festivities. It gives the user an additional collection of memories, . . . → Read More: Head Dress to Impress

Rachel Wingfield – Smart Textiles and Archilace

In January 2011, the Faculty of Design featured Rachel Wingfield as guest lecturer. I highly recommend watching it. Wingfield and her husband are researching the use textile properties in architecture. The stuff they make is not wearable but their work and the materials they use definitely inspire wearable technology.

Soft Sensor

Watch youtube video for details:

12 Hour Circuit

Watch youtube video for details:

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