Final Project – Electronic Armour

the electronic armour jacket

PROPOSAL: Create a fashion piece that incorporates the circuitry into the overall structure of the design, with a focus on embracing the electronics instead of hiding them.

DESIGN: My design uses black electrical wire to weave metal chains into fashionable ‘armour jewelry’, shoulder pads on a black blazer. The wire is an integral part of the structure, the electrical current runs through the entire piece before it completes the circuit and powers the LEDs.

the woven metal-and-wire shoulder pads

CIRCUITRY: My design uses a simple circuit composed of a battery, two LEDs and a magnetic switch. The battery and LEDs are mounted on the inside of the pads, while the magnetic switch is accessible on the side of the pad (closest to the neck.)

lit up

WHATS NEXT: Plans to take the design further include adding more LEDs, possibly in a distinct pattern, to make the shoulder pads stand out even more.

2 comments to Final Project – Electronic Armour

  • Polina Broussilovskaia

    Great Project Andrea,
    From the first look there doesn’t even seem to be a technological aspect to this jacket. It just looks like a great jacket:) And although your goal was to not hide circuitry, I think what you were able to do is to present it in a new light. Show it in a way that proves that technology can be very aesthetically pleasing. I think its a very interesting concept and you’ve executed it well.

  • Loretta Faveri

    Hi Andrea,

    Couldn’t find your e-mail and couln’t leave a message on your phone. Not sure if you will get this message but we are having a model info session this Sunday at 1:30pm in the Fibre Studio, room 201 next to the Transit Space. Hope to see you there.


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