Final Project – Symbolic Wearable

Title: Pitcher


This is a piece of jewelery that is created to make a statement on water contamination and water consumption. By wearing it on my neck and making it visible to my audience, I’m tried to convey the idea that it is a need that can not be neglected.  The glow in the middle on the pitched is to dive attention to the fact that the pitcher is empty.

Parts & Materials:

I created the pitcher with plaster on top of an existing drinking glass. I thread conductive thread through the plaster which I then attached to a battery holder on one end and an LED on the other end. I also used a leather string that helped wear the pitcher on my neck. It is a very light piece and can easy be worn on ones neck.

Related Work:

I received my inspiration from Kai Chan’s methods of jewelery making and creatively using natural materials.


I find myself successful in creating this but later I want to make this concept even better. There is much possibility to just this that further requires attention.

Next Step:

Next I want to get a bit more creative with incorporating some interesting technology within this wearable.


Please view youtube video that explains it further;


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