* Little Details *

To create a wearable body circuit that promotes interaction by examining details. As the switches are found and turned on, LEDs light up.   

10.5 M of 22GA Brass wire
3 volt battery and battery pack holder
Plastic Beads
5 Lilly Pad LEDs  (blue, yellow, green, white)
Silk Yarn


Final Piece:

 – Had a red and yellow light in the circuit made the cool colours dull.

–  Creating a second switch incorporated into the design.

–   Making sure connection was solid without soldering.
– Creating a flaw in the design small enough that people would still interact with.


–          Creating the extra switch at the bottom of the piece.

–          Removed the red LED to increase brightness of other colours.

–          Created interest to second switch.

Future Improvements:

Solder LEDs Together.

Make a full body piece with many switches.

Fully resolve covering the battery pack.

Switch Inspiration

http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=2036 – tie up switch

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