Physiotherapy As Game Experience

Here’s my initial documentation (PDF) for the project — I’ll upload an additional version next week, as I’ll be adding a number of enhancements this weekend.


final project: soft cyborg

soft cyborg

Title: soft cyborg Concept: This mask was a continuation of my explorations from Wearable Technology 1 on how technology can be made more human and bring people back into their bodies as oppose to distracting from them. This mask was different from previous masks as it focused mostly on soft . . . → Read More: final project: soft cyborg

Final Project: Earthquake Skirt

The Earthquake Skirt is a skirt made of debris that rumbles and shakes with near-real-time seismological data. Beneath the layers of debris are three vibrating motors, which have their intensity scaled to the magnitude of the occurring earthquakes.


. . . → Read More: Final Project: Earthquake Skirt

Space Boy 2000

We all have some form of relationship with technology, and that relationship has a past, a present, and a future. How we saw and interacted with technology when we were kids, how we use it today, and how it will influence us in the future. I wanted to meld these ideas together, in a fantastical . . . → Read More: Space Boy 2000

Final Project – Electronic Armour

the electronic armour jacket

PROPOSAL: Create a fashion piece that incorporates the circuitry into the overall structure of the design, with a focus on embracing the electronics instead of hiding them.

DESIGN: My design uses black electrical wire to weave metal chains into fashionable ‘armour jewelry’, shoulder pads on a black blazer. The . . . → Read More: Final Project – Electronic Armour

Chance Operations of the Body – beyond Cage and Cunningham

The costume


Through a link that Erin Lewis posted on this blog, I discovered the collaborative work of John Cage and Merce Cunningham. Cage was a composer and Cunningham a modern dance choreographer. These two artists created music and dance that broke away from traditional methods of composing and choreographing. Their innovation came from the I . . . → Read More: Chance Operations of the Body – beyond Cage and Cunningham

Final Project – Symbolic Wearable

Title: Pitcher


This is a piece of jewelery that is created to make a statement on water contamination and water consumption. By wearing it on my neck and making it visible to my audience, I’m tried to convey the idea that it is a need that can not be neglected. The glow in the . . . → Read More: Final Project – Symbolic Wearable

Measure Skateboarding Device.


The concept is to use technology to physically reconnect with our bodies and our environments. The concept is to go skateboarding. The device tracks, measures and excels individual and communal progression in skateboarding.

Using an accelerometer located within a riser pad data would be wirelessly be transmitted to an application on a smart phone . . . → Read More: Measure Skateboarding Device.

Grow Pockets!

For Project Proposal/ Early Process Work / Inspiration / Design Brief click here.

Grow Pocket with Instructions

How to use the Grow Pocket: Cut on dotted line Water pouch contents thoroughly Place seeds under thin layer of soil Place yourself in a sunny area Keep soil moist by walking in the rain What to . . . → Read More: Grow Pockets!

Gmail Motion: Now you can control Gmail with your body

The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion — now you can control Gmail with your body.

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