Grow Pockets!

For Project Proposal/ Early Process Work / Inspiration / Design Brief click here.

Grow Pocket with Instructions

How to use the Grow Pocket: Cut on dotted line Water pouch contents thoroughly Place seeds under thin layer of soil Place yourself in a sunny area Keep soil moist by walking in the rain What to . . . → Read More: Grow Pockets!


For my 12 hour circuit i decided to make a fluff!

I’m one of those creepy people that will pick fluffs off strangers, and i thought it would be funny to create a fluff with a simple curcuit that would buzz when it was removed from the clothes of the wearer. haha

The piece is . . . → Read More: Fluff!

Pockets as Gardens

“ …No one should be without food in a world so richly provided with land, sun, and human ingenuity. No considerations of money, no demand for profit, should stand in the way of any hungry of malnourished child or adult in need…. This slogan requires no complicated analysis. Those three words say it all. They . . . → Read More: Pockets as Gardens

When there’s nothing left to burn you’ll have to set yourself on fire…

Amazing lecture about memes, temes, and the eventual take over of technology as the new “machine”.

Most convincing argument i’ve heard in a while…

Food Security Suit

“If you’ve never suspected that real life must be elsewhere, somewhere beyond the shopping districts and suburbs, off the highway, over the fields and oceans; If there is no part of you unfulfilled by stock options and prime time programming and cutting edge digital technology– then perhaps this is not for you.”

It has 20 . . . → Read More: Food Security Suit

Your clothes are weapons.

“Peace, is an action word.”

Fashion As Protest

I’ve always worn solidarity buttons, and patches of protest; I’ve never worn the swoosh, and have always shuddered at the thought of free corporate advertising on my body. Exploring the profound idea that our clothes are weapons I was overwhelmed with the necessity of that . . . → Read More: Your clothes are weapons.

American Idol Clip

Embarrassing Confession:

I like to watch reality TV while i do homework. In fact im working on my piece right now … while watching new American Idol. (sigh… i cant believe im writing this)

anyway… if you get a chance watch Season 10 episode 7 … about 15 minutes into the episode a guy auditions . . . → Read More: American Idol Clip

Soft Switches

Here are some of my soft switches! Still making interesting wearables, but I wanted to post my progress.

Sensor 1. This sensor works but i sewed the pieces too tightly and used too much conductive fabric. Practice round 1.

This is the second sensor. Its cool cause its round. Its for my kegal . . . → Read More: Soft Switches

Social Bodies

1. Wearable Pet

“Ref” is a wearable pet which is worn on the wrist and helps you become aware of your emotional state by sensing your heartbeat and mirroring your state of excitement through its non-verbal communication. For example, when you are stressed, Ref will raise its head and tail. Then as soon . . . → Read More: Social Bodies


I am Woman

Hear me BEEP!


Whole Body Project Focused on the Vagina

Group: Amanda, Erin, Loretta

Our initial concept came from opening up and discussing the intricacies of our experience as females with a vagina. As a group we were fascinated with the occurrence of menstrual cycle synchronization of groups of women, . . . → Read More: I am WOMAN!

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