Celebrities in Wearable Tech

Perhaps of interest…


Innoculating the Dress

Making a giant petri dress in order to make a dress made of bacteria.

Stock Market Lingerie

For this project I was interested in addressing the relationship between sex and the stock market. In my research I discovered several studies that had been conducted on hormonal changes in men who play the stock market. It was found that men who are successful in big trades in the stock market have higher . . . → Read More: Stock Market Lingerie

Philosophy of Technology and the Body

This page outlines a large number of articles on the subject of technology and the body, from a philosophical perspective. There are some fantastic readings on here that may serve as inspiration for future works. Lots to do with Posthumanism.

Stay nerdy!

Cyborg Bodies

Check out these variations on future human bodies, moving beyond the “edge of the skin”. Some titles that you may find intriguing (as I have):

Unruly Bodies. The Effect Body As a Place of Resistance

Extensive Bodies

Monstrous Bodies: The Disarranged Gender Body as an Arena for Monstrous Subject Relations

Cyborg Bodies and the Collective . . . → Read More: Cyborg Bodies

Time for a little ACDC!

It’s never too late (or too early) to rock! This “headbanging” sensor provides heavy guitar riffs whenever you feel so inclined to rock out. Portable, wireless, lightweight. Now you have no excuse.


Lilypad Arduino Lilypad Xbee 2 Xbee Radios Xbee Explorer Breakout Board FTDI Breakout Board 9V battery + holder Flex Sensor . . . → Read More: Time for a little ACDC!

Social Projects

***This is a recent edit, Feb 3rd 2010*** Scientists to bring piezoelectrics and rubber together to form flexible, wearable energy harvester http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/02/scientists-to-bring-piezoelectrics-and-rubber-together-to-form-f/ . . . → Read More: Social Projects

All about me

My name is Erin and I’m a 4th year INTM major, and am doing the Wearable Tech minor. I typically do performance and installation work that involves electronics and video. I work with analog circuits as well as microcontrollers, and write my programs in Arduino and Processing. My interest in Wearable Tech is perhaps more . . . → Read More: All about me

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