Class pictures!

E-mail me ( if you want better resolution of these photos–I had to reduce them a lot to be able to post them on here.

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Space Boy 2000

We all have some form of relationship with technology, and that relationship has a past, a present, and a future. How we saw and interacted with technology when we were kids, how we use it today, and how it will influence us in the future. I wanted to meld these ideas together, in a fantastical . . . → Read More: Space Boy 2000

World of Geekcraft

How am I only just finding this??? HOW?!?!

There’s a LilyPad Arduino Cake in it!

Accio invisibility cloak!

Crazy cool wearable, y’all.


RSAnimate on the Internet in Society.

A great kind of post-script for today’s field trip.


this is the future.

For the 12 hour circuit challenge, I wanted to make something specifically for me, and who I am. Who am I? I’m a transformer-robot-dinosaur. I’m a transgender humanoid, negotiating my way though life with a clunky malfunctioning body. While in waiting for my new parts and circuits to arrive, I . . . → Read More: TRANSformer

I remember the future…

Retro Future

For this project I’d like to explore my relationship with technology: past, present, and future. This project will focus on making personal, existing technology/ies wearable. Incorporating the fantastical and costume design chic. Not only the general pasts’ imagined future (Retro Future, or Paleofuture), but also MY past’s imagined future. I’d like to . . . → Read More: I remember the future…


“I wish she had a tail. At least then I’d know if she liked me or not.” –Dead Like Me

While humans have developed numerous languages, something they’ve long evolved away is the tail. For this project I want to explore the idea of tail as signifier: something to let others know of my emotion(s).

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Adorable Monsters are adorable.

For my social body project I’ll be making a monster tail, that wags depending on my mood; tail as signifier in social situations–something animals have but humans don’t. And while I could do an existing animal, well, that’s boring. So I’m creating a monster/monster persona. Anyways, as part of other research/inspiration for another class, I . . . → Read More: Adorable Monsters are adorable.

soft coincell battery holder

This week, after a pricey trip to Creatron (who owns EL wire? THIS GUY), I decided to start trying different approaches to making my own/soft battery holders. I used felt as a base, as it easy to cut into and doesn’t fray. Other materials were basic: small swatches of conductive material and conductive thread. Oh, . . . → Read More: soft coincell battery holder

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