Sensing your baby cows…

The Calf.

An unusual spot on the body to pay too much attention to, and that’s probably why it intrigues me.

Anyways, the first sensor I made was too large, and I cut it down before taking photos.

at rest (02.2)

simply pressing on the sensor (00.6)

where it's attached/located: back of . . . → Read More: Sensing your baby cows…

Social Wearables


8-bit Dynamic Life Shirt

For alllllll the lovers out there. Proximity sensor shirts display full hearts when within “hugging” distance, and lower with increased distance.

insert appropriate emotional response here.


Constellation Dresses

A group of three separate dresses, that when connected with snaps, combine to create various “constellations” with LEDs.

*note: . . . → Read More: Social Wearables

Arduino Workshop!

This Monday! 7pm! Hacklab TO is doing an arduino workshop! This is the website! ! Exclamation!!!

Elija the Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur

Winter is not good for my circuits…

I’m Elija and I’m in my third of five years as a MAaD Fibre major. As stated, I am a transformer-robot-dinosaur, which means a lot of things but I’m trying to be more mysterious lately, so I’ll let you speculate on things for now.

For wearable . . . → Read More: Elija the Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur

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