Soft Sensor

Watch youtube video for details:

12 Hour Circuit

Watch youtube video for details:

Final Project – Symbolic Wearable

Title: Pitcher


This is a piece of jewelery that is created to make a statement on water contamination and water consumption. By wearing it on my neck and making it visible to my audience, I’m tried to convey the idea that it is a need that can not be neglected. The glow in the . . . → Read More: Final Project – Symbolic Wearable

Final Project – Progress

Left wall

Left wall of my sculpture has an image of a graffiti wall on it. A shoe made out of clear acrylic that represents its culture is sticking on the wall. The shoe lase is EL wire that is connected with a battery box embedded on its one end.

Right Wall

The right . . . → Read More: Final Project – Progress

Interactive Tile Design

Please Watch Video that shows the changes that I was asked to make;


I wanted to imitate the hurry and rapid movement towards futuristic plus technological changes that we are living in. I believe that a rapid move towards changing technology is bringing us close to each other yet it . . . → Read More: Interactive Tile Design

Social Wearable Examples

Social Networking While you Sleep

1. Shoes that generate electricity when you walk.

2. A sleeping cap that transmits your dreams

3. A shirt that serves as a touch-sensitive input device.

NOTE: These aren’t actual products, but concept prototypes by artist Alex Dodge.

. . . → Read More: Social Wearable Examples

Hi I’m Hira Gardezi

Hi Everyone,

I’m Hira and I’m taking wearable technology so that I can gain a better understanding of design possibilities. I’m hope to work together and explore design possibilities.


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