* Little Details *

Idea: To create a wearable body circuit that promotes interaction by examining details. As the switches are found and turned on, LEDs light up.

Materials: 10.5 M of 22GA Brass wire 3 volt battery and battery pack holder Plastic Beads 5 Lilly Pad LEDs (blue, yellow, green, white) Silk Yarn


Final . . . → Read More: * Little Details *


Found a cool company that makes clothing and decorations from fiber opticts:


Soical Body Project:Positive Attitude

For my social body project I was inspired by a girl who I met at a fundraiser fashion show. I had the honour of designing a dress for A young women who was dealing with having Multiple sclerosis. MS is a neurological disease, whose symptom is physical disability, which makes it difficult for patients . . . → Read More: Soical Body Project:Positive Attitude


Final Project Proposal: Body Circuit Creative Statement: Our body and our clothing are in direct relationship with one another. This relationship interchanges at every moment that you change your clothing. This assignment will be looking at the act of taking your close on and off, and how your body adds life to clothing. To illustrate . . . → Read More: FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL KD

12 Hour Glow

In relation to the Social Body Project.


Dress for Stress: Wearable technology and the social body – Susan ELizabeth Ryan



Solar Bikini http://www.mediaruimte.be/coco/2007/solar-bikini-andrew-schneider-2006/

* a Bikini that charges your MP3 using the Sun.

Intimacy Black: Hide and Show


* Showing the relationshiop between intimacy, technologie and the social body.

. . . → Read More: In relation to the Social Body Project.

* The Heart Chakra * by Katherine, Hilary and Ken

*The Chakras. Digital image. Seven Chakras Balancing Meditation. Web. 22 Jan. 2011. <http://www.illuminatetoday.com/yoga/sevan-chakras-balancing-meditation.html>.

Why we chose the area or body part that we did? The part of the body that was chosen for this assignment was the Heart Chakra also known as the Anahata. ‘The energy of the Anahata influences the heart, lungs, . . . → Read More: * The Heart Chakra * by Katherine, Hilary and Ken

Katherine Dark

Hellllllo, My name is Katherine Dark and I am currently a material art and design thesis student. I specialize in fibre , which means anything that has to do with fabrics. Some of my skills include Sewing, Dyeing fabrics, Silk Screening, Weaving,garment construction felting, and most importantly baking :). My work is feminine and aesthetically . . . → Read More: Katherine Dark

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