Working with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Mate Gold and Bluetooth Mate Silver are handy wireless modules that can plug directly into your Lilypad Arduino or Arduino Mini Pro. While they are rather pricey, they save you the trouble of configuring the radio, wiring up extra components, and they can connect to any other device that is bluetooth enabled such . . . → Read More: Working with Bluetooth

Hello from TED’11!

Hi all,

Greetings from sunny California! As I post this, you should be launching into your stunning Social Body project critic with the esteemed Julian Higuerey Nunez.

I was thinking of you all as I watched the TED Fellows presentations yesterday which included biocouture by Suzanne Lee and wearables that enable animal super powers by . . . → Read More: Hello from TED’11!

Social Bodies

An odd assortment of projects…


Smell+ Social Tele-presence Iso-phone

Hug Shirt – Cute Circuit

Mood Elevation Apparati & Anonymous Hugging Wall – Keetra Dean Dixon

Gloves for Holding Hands, Balaclava For Looking In The Same Direction, Balaclava For Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes – Andrea Van Der Kooij

Co-Dependant Gloves – Fiona Carswell

Smittens . . . → Read More: Social Bodies

Random Bits 1.18.11

Creatron has started selling 9 different colors of electroluminescent (EL) wire and 3V inverters. With these inverters you can power two strands off of a CR2032 coin cell battery or even an Arduino digital pin. Check out Sparkfun’s video about EL wire:

Sparkfun has started carrying an E-Paper display, similar to what you might . . . → Read More: Random Bits 1.18.11

What’s Happening


FashionWare Fashion Show at CES

Upcoming in Toronto

Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

Upcoming Deadlines

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery – January 14th ISEA 2011 – January 15th ISWC 2011 Design Exhibition – February 28th

Excellent wearables resource list (thanks Erin!):

Wearables + Soft Computing by Margarita Benitez . . . → Read More: What’s Happening

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