Growth – Final Documentation (April 14)

Hi everyone,

Here’s a PDF of my final documentation for Growth, including the new stuff I presented this past week:

Growth – Final Documentation


Physiotherapy is an often painful and arduous activity, which patients approach with loathing and impatience, and sometimes even avoidance. These negative attitudes and behaviors towards physiotherapy can add considerably to . . . → Read More: Growth – Final Documentation (April 14)

Power Fist (Soft Sensor Project)

Having recently read about the fabulous TEI Superhero Design Challenge (, I’ve been wanting to create my own piece of superhumanizing attire.

Enter PowerFist, a flashy glove that imbues its wearer with ridiculously awesome strength! As the wearer closes their fingers into a fist, the glove will ‘charge’, and the emblem (a ‘P’, of . . . → Read More: Power Fist (Soft Sensor Project)

Physiotherapy As Game Experience

Here’s my initial documentation (PDF) for the project — I’ll upload an additional version next week, as I’ll be adding a number of enhancements this weekend.


Pamper Those Flex Sensors!

Found out the hard way this weekend that the Spectra Symbol flex sensors (the ones stocked by Creatron & Sparkfun) are quite delicate and highly susceptible to damage. While the embedded sensor is pretty tough (and protected with a sheet of plastic), the section between the electrodes and the sensor is incredibly flimsy — . . . → Read More: Pamper Those Flex Sensors!

Final Project Proposal: Physiotherapy as Game Experience

Introduction: For my final project, I will create a wearable physiotherapy implement which will transform the normally arduous task of performing therapy exercises into a playful and game-like activity.

Through this wearable device, a user’s level of physical exertion will be translated into behaviors and rewards within a game-like experience, and their ongoing progress will . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal: Physiotherapy as Game Experience

A Night Light For My Pocket (12-Hour Challenge)

For my 12-hour circuit, I decided to construct a light-up pocket — I tend to keep a large assortment of things in my pockets, and often find myself fumbling in the dark (by feel only) at night for the knickknack that I need.

The lightup pocket is essentially a ‘second pocket’ which slips into any . . . → Read More: A Night Light For My Pocket (12-Hour Challenge)

“The Soundtrack Of Their Life …” (Social Bodies Project)

*Download a more readable PDF version of this documentation here: TheSoundtrackOfTheirLife_KenLeung.pdf


As most of us move through the course of our day-to-day lives, we traverse a textured landscape of emotions — joy, sadness, anger, fear, awe, anxiety, and elation (to name a few) — all triggered by the plethora of things that happen . . . → Read More: “The Soundtrack Of Their Life …” (Social Bodies Project)

Social Wearable Projects

Here are a few interesting projects that use wearable technology to mediate social interactions:

Pong Prom, by Edward Keeble (2009)

In Edward Keeble’s Pong Prom, two users wearing technology-enabled hoodies play a game of Pong by slow-dancing with eachother. The whimsical and physically intimate ‘entry requirements‘ into the experience (the slow-dance), coupled with the . . . → Read More: Social Wearable Projects

*The Heart Chakra* — Electronics Documentation

In addition to Katherine’s overview of the project, here is some documentation relating to the construction of the electronics:

The components of the circuit that was embedded in the tunic: 1) 6 green LEDs, hooked up in parallel 2) 2 soft switches hooked up in series 3) Coin cell battery holder, + coin cell battery . . . → Read More: *The Heart Chakra* — Electronics Documentation

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