Measure Skateboarding Device.


The concept is to use technology to physically reconnect with our bodies and our environments. The concept is to go skateboarding. The device tracks, measures and excels individual and communal progression in skateboarding.

Using an accelerometer located within a riser pad data would be wirelessly be transmitted to an application on a smart phone . . . → Read More: Measure Skateboarding Device.

Final Project Proposal.

For my final project I plan to work using an an arduino board, accelerometer and blue tooth to measure the actions of a skateboard. I will be working with arduino and processing.

The final goal is to measure if a person ollied, how high they ollied, how fast they where moving when they ollied.

I . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal.


I’m not sure if anyone has seen this but i think its an amazing concept and its relevant to out class.

Using processing mary huang creates dresses…just watch the video.

Concussion Helmet

Concussions have become an epidemic in minor hockey in Canada and the United States.

“Twenty-five per cent of junior hockey players on two unnamed teams suffered concussions last year, according to an Ontario study looking at brain injuries.

The report comes after independent physicians followed the two junior clubs during the 2009-10 regular season, where . . . → Read More: Concussion Helmet

The Shoulder

Our concept for the Whole Body Project was to use a sensor to measure your swing follow through. The practical applications for this concept could range from squash, tennis to golf and hockey. This is a tool that would be used by the athlete to train them to follow through their swing fully. this would . . . → Read More: The Shoulder

MIke Vaughan

Hey my name is Mike Vaughan, I’m in Industrial Design.

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