Head Dress to Impress


Inspired by the ancient Indian, Russian and Japanese head dresses, as well as the modern interpretations of the subject I wanted to create a wedding Head Dress that would capture images throughout the day, allowing the wearer the freedom of enjoying the festivities. It gives the user an additional collection of memories, . . . → Read More: Head Dress to Impress

Hero Band

For my social body project I chose to deal with the children’s hospital environment. Looking at how bodies (patients and in this case more specifically kids) interact within that environment would be interesting enough but there is also an added element of the “healing body”. How do our bodies interact with the environment during the . . . → Read More: Hero Band

Polina’s Body Project

How does it work? Unicorn magic.

Hi. My name is Polina and I am a 3rd Year Industrial Design Student. Am I technologically savvy? No. Was I one of those kids who took apart hair dryers in search of led? No. Heck, I wasn’t even allowed to play with remote controlled cars. Because those were “boys toys”. But being in . . . → Read More: How does it work? Unicorn magic.

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