final project: soft cyborg

soft cyborg

Title: soft cyborg Concept: This mask was a continuation of my explorations from Wearable Technology 1 on how technology can be made more human and bring people back into their bodies as oppose to distracting from them. This mask was different from previous masks as it focused mostly on soft . . . → Read More: final project: soft cyborg


That’s right. For more info go here.

odd accessories for obscure body parts

This is the collection No Reference by fashion designer Christophe Coppens. It’s low-tech but like our Whole Body Project deals with those often forgotten parts of our corpuses. More info can be found on Facebook and We Make Money Not Art.

. . . → Read More: odd accessories for obscure body parts

troll pin

troll doll

I admit I didn’t set out to make a Troll pin, but that’s the way my 12 hour circuit turned out. I will confess that I have a few from my childhood stashed somewhere in the basement of my parent’s house. They’re supposed to be lucky, right? Don’t Bingo ladies use them…

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conductive felt, je t’aime

I’m going to be making the majority of my soft cyborg’s nose out of conductive felt so that it’s one big force sensor. I started to play around with making conductive felt using bronze wool and merino wool. I found a Canadian supplier to order bronze wool from; it’s pricey ($9/3 pads) but it cards . . . → Read More: conductive felt, je t’aime

bluetooth lab session NEXT WEEK

Hey gang,

If anyone is using Bluetooth for their final projectable, our fearless leader Kate said she would be overjoyed to have a lab session outside of class time to show us the [wireless] ropes.

Please comment when you’d be free next week to get together.

Tuesday before class or any time on Thursday before . . . → Read More: bluetooth lab session NEXT WEEK

simply soft. simply cyborg. (updated)

The mask is an empty shell for a soft creature to hide in. (James Ensor)ยน

I have [finally] refined my idea to the point where this project once again makes sense to me and stays true to my intention of using technology to bring us back into our bodies. And also to the point where . . . → Read More: simply soft. simply cyborg. (updated)

when soft cyborgs do yoga (it’s not what you think)

My idea has changed. Again. My original idea was interesting, would have no doubt been visually stunning, and was also so friggin’ esoteric that I liked thinking about my concept more than I actually cared to make it into a physical artwork. Fortunately, a series of recent challenges in my life have helped me to . . . → Read More: when soft cyborgs do yoga (it’s not what you think)

soft cyborg?

For this project I am going to be exploring the idea of the ‘social body’ through the narratives that take place between my body and one of my soft robots; through performance I will engage in the “struggle between a force of playfulness, of transgression of established boundaries, and a force that seeks to police . . . → Read More: soft cyborg?

‘eskimo’ kisses

placement on mask

Felt felt kiss kiss.

I was inspired by an Inuit folktale when I made my mask/performance last semester; so this sensor is ironic even if it isn’t PC.

This simple force sensor is made for the large noses of my felt masks. I am interested in exploring how I (and my . . . → Read More: ‘eskimo’ kisses

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