SMOKs and Secrets and Sorrys, Oh My!



Things are important to help us remember. Maybe old things can be given a new voice through soft technology?

These SMOKs use thermocromatic ink that fades after the interaction between Other and garment has taken place. The brief description of the project given by xs labs states that SMOKs register visual, . . . → Read More: SMOKs and Secrets and Sorrys, Oh My!

The Nipple

"Oh! How titilating!"

Teat. Tit. Udder. Nipple.

How do we use technology to (re)shape our perceptions and attitudes towards our bodies? This piece is an exploration in play. We started with an area of the body that is loaded (pun intended) with social stigma. A nipple being given to a baby suggests one relationship . . . → Read More: The Nipple

i am rachael. i make soft robots. and teach yoga.

Last semester I started to investigate the potential for electronics to be combined with traditionally made fibre structures and then to be used in performance. The result was soft robot, a performing identity/ongoing exploration in performance art that culminated in a ‘super project’ which encapsulated work from four different courses. A video of my final . . . → Read More: i am rachael. i make soft robots. and teach yoga.

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