Hello My Name is Andrea!

My name is Andrea (and this is my cat, Juneau) and I am a 3rd year Industrial Design student. I have very little knowledge of how technology works, although my father has forever insisted on describing every last details about how new gadgets work (all of which, to me, sounds like a foreign language.) But I like to think that I have the general idea…and at least I can always ask him if I need clarification.

What really peaks my interest is the middle ground between industrial design and fashion design, when technology becomes something that you wear, something that functions with your body instead of functioning separately. That is the area that I would like to delve into while taking this class, discover how products become wearable and how they effect us.

Oh, and I like sewing, beach glass, cats, sidewalk chalk and tea. Travel is my greatest inspiration.

How does it work? Unicorn magic.

Hi. My name is Polina and I am a 3rd Year Industrial Design Student. Am I technologically savvy? No. Was I one of those kids who took apart hair dryers in search of led? No. Heck, I wasn’t even allowed to play with remote controlled cars. Because those were “boys toys”. But being in this school really gives me a sense that anything is possible. Being in design makes me feel that anything is possible. Yet I think its time for me stop including “unicorn magic” in my design proposals and actually learn how that thingymagigy works. I am very excited for this course.

Hi My name is Bin Hur

Hello My name is Bin Hur, born in Seoul, Korea and received Canada citizenship recently (Thank you)

I play guitar and piano and I like classical music. Here is funny video that you might like if you are interested in Classic  music.

Im 3rd year ID student. I was interested in ID and ever since I came to OCAD, I figured out there are so many things (philosophy, things you need to care, etc)

are going on in ID field. I used to enjoy drawing hands and body and have strong interest of physic (in terms of both Science and bio).

MIke Vaughan

Hey my name is Mike Vaughan, I’m in Industrial Design.

Hi I’m Hira Gardezi

Hi Everyone,

I’m Hira and I’m taking wearable technology so that I can gain a better understanding of design possibilities. I’m hope to work together and explore design possibilities.


Katherine Dark

My name is Katherine Dark and I am currently a material art and design thesis student. I specialize in fibre , which means anything that has to do with fabrics.  Some of my skills include Sewing, Dyeing fabrics, Silk Screening, Weaving,garment construction felting, and most importantly baking :). My work is feminine and aesthetically pretty. I tend to think of technologies in clothing to be either REALLY functional, or just beautiful to look at. I wouldn’t say I’m the most tech savvy person out there, but I’m interested in learning and seeing the possibilities that can come out of the combination of the human form and technologies. In wearable technologies 1 I was working with defusing light by using silk. Out of this came a soft wearable silk necklace, and a skirt with 37 leds sewn together. This might continue and It might not.

We will just have to see where my head takes me this  year.


i am rachael. i make soft robots. and teach yoga.

Last semester I started to investigate the potential for electronics to be combined with traditionally made fibre structures and then to be used in performance. The result was soft robot, a performing identity/ongoing exploration in performance art that culminated in a ‘super project’ which encapsulated work from four different courses. A video of my final performance can be found here and photos of other soft robots that I have made can be found here.

This semester I am interested in delving deeper into the world of mask, electronics and performance art. I started my initial mask (snowman) curious as to how I could use technology to further that which makes us human: our ability to show/feel emotion. I am eager to explore this idea in more depth over the course of this semester as I continue to work with mask, electronics, fibre, and performance.

I am Amanda’s Blog Post.

Awesome day at the EX!

I’m a 4th year student trying to “un-school” my past 3 years at OCAD by taking classes that are far-less soul-sucking than my chosen field of industrial destruction.. i mean design.

Wearable Tech is of the imagination, and only creative minds need apply. After seeing the amazing projects from last year I was compelled to learn more. Last semester I spent time exploring complex switches, and created a cool cocoon coat that would react to movement. (In some ways it is still in progress, and needs a critical eye) http://blog.ocad.ca/wordpress/aa07hm/

I love exploring ideas, sharing feedback, and radical politics.

Hi, I’m Hilary

I am a 4th year non-thesis student, studying Industrial Design. Right now I am taking a couple of fun studios (Wearable Tech 2 included) then next year I will be doing my thesis and I think I might be focusing on asthma. Maybe.

My skills include sewing, knitting, baking muffins, creating elegant circuit layouts, ideation, photoshop, and video editing.

I look forward to building upon my existing programming and building knowledge, and I would like to also further develop some of the concepts from my early Wearable Tech work through new projects.

Elija the Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur

Winter is not good for my circuits...

I’m Elija and I’m in my third of five years as a MAaD Fibre major.  As stated, I am a transformer-robot-dinosaur, which means a lot of things but I’m trying to be more mysterious lately, so I’ll let you speculate on things for now.

For wearable technology, I lean more towards the costume and fantastical than the practical, and the more I use felt the more I fall in love with it.  I would really like to explore with Nitinol, electronics in paper, and thermocromatic inks.  I am well versed in sewing, knitting, crocheting, felt-making, weaving, screen printing, paper making, and Harry Potter, if my expertise needs to be called on.

I also have a blog for my great love of writing letters.  It’s called Someone to Write to, and please feel free to check it out and pass it on.

Anything else, well… I’m sure you’ll find out.


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